Liane is a Canadian photographer living in New York. Born and raised in northern Quebec, surrounded by mountains and lakes, it was her upbringing in nature that gave Liane the unique gift of being able to capture its essence.  Liane has been hired to photograph a wide range of subjects from family portraits to interior design to architecture to landscapes. Artistically, she is most drawn to seascapes, having fallen in love with the beaches of Montauk, when she and her husband bought a house there ten years ago. The ocean has been her refuge, her place to grieve, to heal and to grow. It offers a thousand moods and tones in a single day. Always searching for the perfect light, Liane seeks to capture the simple and organic beauty of her surroundings. 

Liane has been published in Arch Daily for her photographs of the tallest tower in New York, One Vanderbilt and in Westchester Magazine for her interior design photographs. Her landscapes are also being sold at the luxury home goods store Gansett Lane Home, in Amagansett, NY.